Wednesday, 2 January 2013

when all is said and done i'm making a change..

handbag : love moschino
dress: primark
boots: office
coat: yumi
Last week I headed to the sales in Birmingham, to see if I could pick up any bargains. I used it as the perfect excuse to wear my new coat and bag, both of which I'm loving at the moment.

It feels strangely nivce to be back in the normal routine; I didn't do anything for New Year in the end, the plans I'd made sort of fell through at the last minute, but I found myself not really minding too much, as the past couple of weeks have been rather manic. 

I'm trying to focus on my resolutions for the year ahead - so many blog posts I've read recently are filled with good ones. I always tend to stick to the same variation on a theme with mine; lose weight, save more and be more organised. I guess in a way those are things I still wish to achieve, so should still be considered. I think I need to set myself some more specific goals though, as things like "save money" can be overwhelming when they're not broken down into realistic targets.

I know I'd do well to organise my time better, and be a little more self-disciplined when it comes to my spare time. I would like to make a much better effort with my allotment this year, keep up with my penpals more promptly, and was wondering about a creative resolution to make a garment per month, which I don't think is too much to ask. I've really got back into my dressmaking over the past week or so, finishing off some of the projects which have been on the go for months and I'd like to make sure I spend more time at it, as well as actually making the effort to finish things.

I've always worked better to a deadline, I seem to leave things and forget about them if I don't set myself a target. I'd also wondered about joining in with the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge, which I read about on the Sewing Directory. It might force me to get through and review some of the books which have been looking at me from my bookshelves for far too long.

In an attempt to be more organised, I've already done a bit of birthday shopping for some of the friends coming up soon. I've taken advantage of some of the sales to order a few bits and pieces.

As for the sales bargains, I came home with a few new pairs of shoes (of course!) which I'm excited to wear soon.

What are your resolutions for the year?  And have you had any luck if you braved the sales?


  1. I just adore your bag!

    Your look fabulous.


  2. Happy New Year! Organization really should be one for me too. Very jealous of the Pink tickets! xx

  3. I love buying birthday presents early, I haven't yet but last year I got a friends present in January and it wasn't her birthday until December. I think it feels better because your buying things that you see and have to get them rather then panic buying xxx

  4. LOVE the new bag, always been meaning to get one of those Moschino ones with the pretty pictures on them, although bought 3 Love Moschino bags towards the end of last year, so think that's enough for now! Why have I never seen this pretty dress in my Primark? Oh because Primark has become Shitmark near me! Seriously I've been in and out and not bought a thing recently and that never used to happen : (

  5. Love your dress and coat! I miss living in London and being able to find cheap goodies at Primark. There's nothing really like it in the states :(. Great outfit, thank you for sharing :) xx

  6. Your bag is lovely! Good luck with your resolutions :) x

  7. This outfit is amazing! Love the coat and bag. Good luck with your resolutions :) xx

  8. I have a love moschino bag I'm going to sell, I love this coat, want it in mustard, what size have you got? X

    1. I went for the 8, it's quite a huge style though.

  9. great coat, i love your blog!!- jade xxx