Thursday, 24 January 2013

when you're haunted, i'll be near..

tights, belt: primark // dress: h+m
blouse: judy's affordable vintage fair (post here)
blazer: george
This blouse caught both our eyes as Alex and I were at a vintage fair, back in 2011. We purchased it on a timeshare basis, and I came across it again the other day, and decided to build an outfit around it. I knew I had this pinafore style jersey dress somewhere, so dug that out and was pleased that the colours went together quite well, and just threw on a black blazer, tights and belt to try and draw it all together. Smartish, yet still casual enough to wear with a pair of flat boots as I am still in the process of clearing out the old office and moving furniture about.

I'll pass it back on to Alex, now that I've taken my turn and see how she styles it..!

I'm pleased to report that all of the flooded shoeboxes are dried out nicely now and back in their rightful places in the shoe cupboard. It was almost a good thing to have to move them all, as I'd sort of forgotten I had a few of the pairs.

Have so much to do today, so that's enough words. But if you have a spare five minutes, be sure to have a little look at Jenna's blog sale and help her save for her trip to Oz! 


  1. love the print on the dress, you've styled it very nicely :) xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I love the colours!

    Maria xxx

  3. Second best blouse ever (second to your cat one)

  4. Oh Char you look lovely, the blazer really suits you! Like the time share idea too!


  5. I love that berry coloured dress char x

  6. I love the print of the shirt, the outfit looks great with the blazer over the top.

    Off topic, but I love the colourful set of drawers in the background, where did you get them from?

    Corinne x

  7. You look stunning, love this shirt!

  8. Love all those bracelets, very pretty x

  9. Beautiful shirt, I love the idea of buying clothes on a timeshare! xx