Thursday, 21 February 2013

London calling to the zombies of death..

a few pictures from my trip to London
vest, cardigan: primark
wedge trainers, tights: topshop
skirt: motel
I've spent the last few days in London, playing Monopoly with a group of Rangers. We headed down there on the train on Monday, getting to Euston about lunchtime and purchasing all of the travel tickets we would need for the group. Some of them went on the London Eye in the afternoon, whilst I took a small group on a boat trip down the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich. After a chilly ride, we disembarked to explore the Cutty Sark and then wandered through the subway tunnel under the Thames, and the girls figured out how to get the tube back to where we were staying, which was good practice for the following day.

On Tuesday morning they set off in their teams to play Monopoly around the city, using the board I'd put together. They had to take photo evidence to show that they'd been to each of the squares, as well as answering questions for some of them and stopping off at checkpoints for some extra points (and so that we could be sure none of them were getting lost). We all met back up at the end of their game at Covent Garden and then headed for a pizza before seeing Wicked!

Wednesday morning included some time in Kensington for the museums, a quick trip to Harrods and then the train home again. All in all an action-packed few days and I was really pleased with how well everything went, how lucky we were with the bright weather, and that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The thought of taking some of our units to somewhere like London has seemed rather daunting in the past, but I'd definitely consider it more seriously in the future, given how well this trip went. 

As I didn't manage to get many photos of myself whilst I was there, I took some outfit photos when I got home yesterday evening. I literally wore these trainers for the whole trip, I didn't take any other shoes, which is really unlike me, but we had to carry everything around so I needed to make sure all of my packing fitted into one bag.

I'd never been quite sure whether I liked the wedge trainers trend or not, until spotting the print on this Topshop pair. They started off wildly expensive for something I wasn't sure I'd wear, though so I favourited them online and didn't give them much more thought until the Topshop sale happened recently and they'd been reduced to £15. I thought I may as well give them a try at that price and when they arrived I decided that, although they're not my usual thing, I liked them. They were also nice and comfortable for a lot of traipsing around London and tube travel.

For the travel home, I wore them with an old skirt from Motel, and a stripey vest and sequinned cardigan. Another clashy outfit, which seems to be my favourite kind.


  1. Love london:) if you want go to my blog:)

  2. What an awesome idea for a game! Love the idea of a giant sized monopoly around the city!

  3. So glad you had a good time and that the Monopoly idea worked out! I'd love to try something like this, is there any possibility you could e-mail me the information you gave them- I'm thinking this would be a fun hen weekend activity!x

  4. I love your idea of a giant sized monopoly around the city haha! CUTE outfit
    I thought i was already following you, but i'm now following!x

  5. Oh my god, your trainers have drums on them.
    The Monopoly day out is such a brilliant idea - really fun and a great way to sight see =) xx

  6. Sounds like the Monopoly was a big success - well done you! xx