Monday, 4 February 2013

sew them tight at the seams, please..

shoes: irregular choice
cardigan: dorothy perkins
dress: handmade

This weekend I managed to finish the dress I'd started in January. It sort of crept into the next month, but I'm still quite pleased that I managed to finish it, and will count it as my January make. Not quite sure how I'll manage to fit something into Feb, but I shall give it a go.

 I decided to wear it yesterday to head to a blogger meet up, which Maxine organised at cute little coffee shop, Spout in Leek. It's a lovely place to go, and has room upstairs where Maxine had organised hair and beauty demonstrations. 

As seems to be the norm when I go to meet ups, I totally failed to take any photos (I'm such a hopeless representation of a blogger - I never take photos and hate having them taken of myself!) but I had fun chatting to the others.

I enjoyed a rather lovely afternoon tea and plenty of nattering with lots of lovely fellow bloggers and we were all sent home with a goody bag containing lots of exciting things from Barratts, Edwina Simone, Lydia Leith and Coulson Macleod. I had such a lovely day but it went so quickly that I didn't feel as though I'd had chance to talk to everybody - here's hoping for another one soon..


  1. You're so talented... I love making things too (not as complex as your makes but I try my best!) xx

  2. I love this dress, it is so pretty!

    Maria xxxx

  3. Oh bravo on completing another dress! Looks great too!

  4. Those shoes are so cute Char! xxx

  5. That dress is so pretty, Char! I can't believe you made it, you must be so talented! x

  6. The dress looks gorgeous, Char - I love the print and the shape of the skirt! x

  7. Your shoes completely amaze me! I read every day just see which ones you've got on :D x

  8. Was great meeting you and love the dress - I can't believe you made it!
    Will have to get my post up on this soon!

  9. Your outfit is amazing. Love the shoes, dress and cardigan! After reading a few of your posts, I think you've just become my style icon :)

  10. I still cant believe you made that dress, had root canal and made it to the bloggers meet up. You're all kinds of awesomeness!! Thanks for coming along and it was nice to finally meet you. xx

  11. Cute outfit! I've never been to a bloggers meet-up, personal circumstances and lack of bloggers in my area the cause for that.