Sunday, 17 February 2013

sunday shoes 014..

What's that overused phrase..? Ah yes... "..and now for something completely different.."
It's apt today, though. Despite growing up in the 90s, I was never bitten by the Doc Marten's bug. I knew a lot of people who had a pair, but I was more "tortured princess" in my youth and much preferred to aspire to sparkly jelly-shoe footwear instead. Oh, or those school shoes with keys in the soles - did anyone have a pair of those. (I never did).

Anyway, when I recently discovered that my recent blogger-meet gift bag included a voucher from Barratts, I got browsing and it took me a while to narrow my choices down. But when I did, I finally settled on these:

Now all I need is some outfit ideas. Help?


  1. Wear them with everything ;) hehe. But they do look particularly fab with dark tights and prom dresses xxx

  2. Char they're amazing! Good choice!

  3. Haha, never been a Docs girl either, my older sister was. I remember my cousin being obsessed with them and he took my sis round loads of shops to find the perfect pair! She even wore them to the school ball under her ballgown (you'll have guessed by now that we're not alike). My wee sister had the key shoes...think they were kinda 'after my time' ; ) I did have jelly shoes though as a child then again in my late teens, absolutely loved them.

  4. Ooh, I had a pair of the key shoes when I was wee, then when I was in high school had a pair of electric DM's, which Mr Sunshine found in our attic last year!! lol
    I have just bought my first pair of DM's since them (a 16 yr gap no less!), and man alive are they comfy! :)

    Did your boots arrive yet? I'd go for pastel jeans, floaty dresses and tutu skirts. Or what about pastel shorts with tights? x

  5. I had a pair of Clarks shoes with the key in the sole! WINNER! I had to have "good" school shoes because I have feet that resemble canal boats and they were too narrow for cheap school shoes.

    I can offer no help for outfit ensemble because I only wears the jeans.

    You could totally wear them with jeans though.

    (Jokes. I know you don't like the jeans!)

  6. oooh very nice, perfect for spring. I would wear with floral dresses! x

  7. these are so pretty! i love them, i definitely think with dresses they'll be so cute. xxx