Wednesday, 20 February 2013

you and i buy star maps..

cardigan: miss selfridge
coat: george@ asda // hat: matalan
top, shorts: forever 21 // tights, necklace: accessorize
Sometimes there's something great about throwing a bundle of comfortable things on and heading into town to run some errands, and not having to give a second thought to what you look like. If you're wearing something you like, want to wear, feel comfortable in, then that's fine, right? I did see my Dad in town on this occasion and was told I looked scruffy, but what ho. It was the weekend, I was going to the dentist, who did I need to dress up for?


  1. You on your scruffiest day is prettier and more put together than me on my best day.

    Reeeeeally want that cardigan.

  2. oh, i like this though! i don't think it's scruffy. it has a grungy vibe with all the layering and clashing but i like that about it.. and it looks sooo comfy :) xxx

  3. He says scruffy, I say casual and lovely :)

  4. I love the feeling you get from wearing any silly thing outside! I have a ridiculous big orange bobble hat that I like to wear. People look at me funny and I don't care =) xx

  5. I love that cardigan! You look fab as always but what does it matter if *someone* thinks you look scruffy so long as you're happy.

  6. It's so sunny in your housey this day! I'm glad of a bit of daylight in my pics just now, every winter I forget how difficult it is to photograph in the dark!

  7. I flit between totally scruff and lots of effort- makes you appreciate each state more! You still look cute even if not as dressy as you usually look!

  8. You look cute and grungey rather than scruffy, I like it.