Tuesday, 19 February 2013

you are my inspiration..

cat face shorts, oasap

 I'm quite pleased that at least one of my resolutions this year seems to be going well. I decided to challenge myself to a 12 in 12 challenge, to sew one item per month and it's definitely rekindled my love for stitching. The only slight issue is that I seem to be seeing more and more things which inspire me, so the list of things I'd like to find time to make is growing ever longer..

These shorts, for instance. They seem to have sold out on Oasap, where I first saw them, but I think I could make something similar. I'm not even usually a cat person, but these are just awesome. 

What's inspiring you, this week?


  1. Thos shorts would really suit you! I have been pinning lots of tasty recipes on Pinterest this week and it's making me want to get in the kitchen =) xx

  2. These are mega cute!!! You should definitely make these!! <3

  3. those shorts are so cute, please make them! x

  4. Those shorts are so sweet :) I love your resolution of sewing items xx

  5. The shorts are very cute! Kate-Gabrielle did a tutorial on how to make a cat skirt on her blog Scathingly-brilliant if you wanted to find it!

  6. I'm supposed to be doing 12 in 12 and haven't even started making anything yet! Gah!