Friday, 22 March 2013

friday favourites 041..

001: Brit-Stitch half pint satchel, £70
002: Sugarhill Boutique lighthouse blouse, £38
003: Charles Jourdan heels, £278.99
Oh how much am I longing for Easter? Not because of the chocolate - that I could take or leave. Nope, it's the spending ban which is getting pretty tough this week. All of a sudden I seem to have noticed about a million things which I NEED NEED NEED!

001: I was lusting over Sarah's Brit-stitch satchel last week at the Manor house. If you haven't seen these satchel bags around then where have you been?! The half pint size is perfect for carrying all of the essentials and they come in so many pretty colours, I can see them being a total wardrobe staple this year. I'm certainly hoping (if I have anything to do with it anyway) to see Brit-stitch bags in a shop near me..! Also, you have a little more time to enter Sarah's giveaway to win one of your own here..

002: Although I've been aware of the brand for a while now, I've never actually owned anything from Sugarhill Boutique. However, this is bound to change soon, as I can't stop thinking about this gorgeous lighthouse print blouse. It would fit right in with some of the quirky prints in my wardrobe. They have some beautiful dresses this season as well, I was very much taken by Rosie's star print Dolly dress at the weekend, an she looks wonderful in it!

003: Inspired by Tor's recent post, I'm quite liking the idea of coordinating accessories, I think these pretty red shoes would go with the satchel and also pick out the red detail in the lighthouses on the blouse. Which really means I should forget narrowing down my list and just buy them all, I think...when the spending ban is over, of course.


  1. I love that bag, I've seen a bit about Brit stich online, might have to invest in one soon!x

  2. Thankyou for your kind comment about my dress, I can definitely see you in a lot of the Sugarhill Boutique dresses as quirky prints always look so good on you (particuarly love that Cath Kidston dress!) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. I am being won over by Brit-Stitch at the moment, they look so practical x

  4. Sugarhill boutique have some gorgeous stuff, i could spend a fortune on their dresses but unfortunately i don't have a fortune to spend x

  5. Love the satchel! Isn't it funny how a ban makes you crave things even more?? xx

  6. Loving it all, especially the bag x

  7. zomg that satchel is amazing i need it- love all the things! xx

  8. Both Brit-stich and Sugarhill Boutique are both so dreamy, the satchel particurlarly is special xxx

  9. That satchel is lovely and I think I need to check out Sugerhill Boutique, I'm not on a spending ban as such...