Friday, 29 March 2013

friday favourites 042..

001: Reebok Trainers £63.99
002: Black Milk Shark Swimsuit, $90AUD

 My wishlist this week has been a little bit inspired by Rosie's post over on Where Are My Knees? I spend quite a lot of my time at the gym really, when I think about it. I go swimming every morning, which even if I'm speedy takes at least an hour. Then I do spinning classes, surrounded by some time in the gym to do weights, curls and squats, as well as as much time on the cross-trainer as I can find the time for.

And yet, my gym-wear section of my wardrobe (well, it's not even a section - it's more like a pile. In fact, pile is too nice a word, it's more of a "heap"), never seems to get any attention. I am still wearing baggy old t-shirts and trousers which are now several sizes too big and I really ought to get rid of. My trainers are horrid budget sportshop ones, which I hate every time I put them on my feet. Surely I should at least like what I'm wearing when I'm working out?

001: These shoes, for example. These would make my feet much happier. Maybe they'd even get me running. Well, perhaps not as I'm sure they are not MIRACLE SHOES. But they're cute.

002: I caught sight of this swimsuit the other day and now can't for the life of me remember where. But OMG I think it is the best ever swimsuit I have ever ever seen. I really can't express how much I'd love to add this to my swimwear collection.


  1. You're right, this just might be the best swimsuit ever... :)

  2. I love that swim suit!

    And I find that I'm more motivated to actually go work out when I have cute stuff to wear to the gym...sad, but true! :)

  3. I look a state in my sportswear, I guess I ought to invest in some that make me feel a bit better really x