Monday, 18 March 2013

Team Norbury

Norbury Manor
Off on a Grand Adventure..
Exploring the countryside..
Norbury 4
The Tech Table, jumping in puddles and a small doorway
Norbury 5
Plenty of frolicking in the maze and lots of photo-taking..
Norbury 6
The Crafting Sofa was so nice and calm until The Great Scissors Search of 2013..
Norbury 7
Outfit photos on one of the many window-seats..
Dress: Cath Kidston (gift) // Cardigan: Peacocks // Necklace & Hat: Accessorize //
Brooch: gift // Wellies: Barratts* // Coat: Next (gift) // Bag: George@Asda (Xmas gift).

Although I've tried not to mention it too much, the last few weeks have been full of stress and dismay, and have generally been quite tough. But for the last couple of months I've sort of  been counting down to this past weekend, as I was off to Derbyshire to stay at a manor house with some lovely blogging friends..

After setting off on Saturday morning and having to detour a little around the traffic to Ashbourne, I finally managed to find somewhere to park and found Rosie and Sophie, met up with Jenni and had a bit of a wander around to find somewhere to meet the rest of the group. We headed to a local pub for burger lunch (Lucy may have had the biggest burger in the world!) before setting off to find the manor house.

After a couple of detours, we got there and rushed around like loons looking at all of the rooms and the amazing decor (I've actually fallen in love with that roll-top bath, despite the fact I don't even like baths), Chloe took delivery of our supplies and between us we had brought enough cake to feed an actual army. Sarah made some of the most awesome looking brownies ever (see her recipe here). After plenty of excitable chatter, we sat down to a rather fancy dinner in the rather fancy dining hall, where Becks was tres-excited to discover that Alex had bought everyone amazing presents (mine was the cutest tortoise brooch ever, which I've named BertieII).

After dinner, with soundtrack provided by DJ Gem, we settled down to play some Articulate, which was rather amusing. With everyone stifling yawns, we retired to get some sleep (after managing to convince Sarah we wouldn't be partying all night if she went to bed).

The next morning, I managed to catch up on my letter-writing before the rest of the house awoke (much to my fellow letter-writer Alice's approval) and all had breakfast before spending the day exploring the countryside, whilst Maria and some of the others went to visit Chatsworth. It sounded as though they had lots of fun getting lost in a massive maze, whilst we had plenty of fun frolicking around and taking photos in our tiny garden one, and I got to try out my new wellies. They're from Barratts and I have been waiting for a chance to take some photos of them for an age, but never remember to take my camera with me when I'm at the allotment. I really like these as they're definitely comfy; according to Sarah's pedometer, we walked for more than 3miles and my feet weren't sore at all, so that's a definite improvement on many wellies I've had in the past. And my feet stayed dry whilst stomping through many puddles; what more can you ask for?!

We also saw The Grumpiest Llama (or possibly alpaca, I'm not sure I know anything about these creatures) on our walk before heading back for a soup break and a relaxing afternoon, chatting and doing what bloggers do best - taking photos.

After a dinner of Sunday Roast, we settled down in front of Clueless and amused ourselves with how many of the fashions from the film seem to be back already, then I managed to just about extract myself and all of my belongings from the house and head home. I was quite tempted to stay there for good. I could totally have hidden away from future visitors - the place was huuuge!

All in all I had a fabulous weekend, and want to say a big thank you to some of the loveliest girls for being so great and really cheering me up after recent weeks. Thank you, Team Norbury.


  1. This looks like so much fun!!! i loce that you are all bloggy friends... did you meet through blogs or did you know each other before?
    The exploring sounds cool, i love a good maze! i reckon what you saw was a grumpy alpaca, there are quite a few kept around the uk.. but yeah, they can be feisty! my friend tried to ride one once... now THERES a story :p

  2. It was so so lovely to see you! Glad you had a good time, I just wish we could have stayed longer!

    Maria xxx

  3. What an amazing place! So glad you had such a good time, sorry things have been rough for you recently.

  4. It sounds like you had a glorious time! WHAT a blogger meetup! Amazing you got to meet Sophie!!!! Ha ha, I wore my Cath train dress on Saturday too! You look very pretty in it! I love Chatsworth- did you see the Mr Darcy lake! When I went there with friends on holiday my friend Katie was practically hyperventilating as she sought the Mr Darcy lake!x

  5. That sounds like such an amazing blogger meet up! xo

  6. aaw yay, love that these are on flickr so I can have a good nose. I had the best time and it was lovely to see you for more than a couple of hours like at an event. Hope we can make this an annual (or more frequent)thing xxx

  7. I'm so jealous you got the CK dress!! looks like you all had a great time, wish there was a blogger meet-up type thing nearer me, but I don't know any bloggers around here. With my M.E. I probably wouldn't be much use on such an outing anyway as I can't walk very far or even stand very long, but one day perhaps!

  8. Oh my god do NOT remind me of the Scissor Search - I can feel my blood pressure rising already. Thank god you were there, I dread to think what would have happened if I really hadn't have been able to find them.

    So gutted you couldn't stay longer. Obviously we just have to do it all again!

  9. Char, you are so completely lovely, I just adore your cloche hate and CK dress – you know I’m a fan! I am so glad I got to meet you – thank you for being so kind to me. I’m sorry things have been tough on you lately, sometimes it takes a short break from reality to see the good appear again. You and the other girls have most certainly helped bring me out of my little shell this weekend <3

  10. Aww Char what a brilliant post - I'd actually forgotten about the enormous Ratty Patty haha - can you believe that?! Was so lovely to meet you, what a sweetheart you are! xx

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  14. I've deleted my duplicate comments :\ Shouldn't be allowed on blogger meetups if I'm so technologically challenged..!!

  15. Wasn't it brilliant, really glad I got to meet you :) Good times x

  16. I wish you could have stayed for longer! What a fab holiday it was. Definitely, definitely want to do it again. I promise not to bruise you this time.

    I must pester you for copies of some of those photos. You've taken some great ones.

  17. Aww thank you for my little mention as well :) was lovely to meet you all! Your photos look fabulous!

    Jen x