Saturday, 23 March 2013

i'll be over next year, darling..

jumper: george@ asda
boots : Spartoo
skirt: primark

I think this might be one of my favourite outfits for a little while. I decided something a little partyish for dress-down Friday (or in my case "dress as you like Friday") and dug out this skirt, which I've not worn for a while. I couldn't wait to wear this cute jumper, which my mum bought for me earlier in the week, from Asda of all places! A jumper was certainly needed when I saw the snow out of the window - it's still swirling around even now, which is annoying as I have to go to a course in Leicester today.

I decided that boots were better than shoes for snowy cold weather, so tried to think of a pair of boots to go with the jumper and skirt, and remembered this spaceman pair - I'm not sure of the name of the style, I'm hoping Gem will be able to help when she reads this..?


  1. those boots are absolutely AMAZING! beam me up scotty!!! :p x

  2. that jumper is adorable! I neeeed it x

  3. This outfit is so lovely! The skirt is beautiful and those boots are so much fun, I still really want a Blythe pair one day xxx

  4. I think a tutu like skirt is absolutely perfect for a snowy day...
    Cute jumper too, I've seen some lovely bits in Asda recently.

  5. OK you look AWESOME, I LOVE these boots!

    Maria xxx