Wednesday, 27 March 2013

i'll find someone who can stitch me up..

Brit-Stitch half-pint satchel in Dusk Blue
I can't get over how pretty the colour of this Brit-Stitch satchel is. Beautifully hand-stitched, it arrived on Saturday morning and is already my firm favourite bag. It's the perfect size to keep all of the essentials in, with a cute little inside pocket which is the perfect size for my phone and makes sure it never does that annoying "falling to the bottom of the bag" trick.

The strap is fully detachable and I love the silver fixings, as well as the little B charm at the side just adds to the bag's charm in my opinion. I also really like the stamped name on the back. Subtle, yet beautiful. My favourite feature is that the bag actually fastens with a magnetic snap, disguised under the buckle, which keeps everything secure without the faff factor of undoing / refastening the buckle everytime you need to answer your phone or find your car keys.

If you fancy one like mine, this is Dusk Blue. At the moment, whilst the website is being worked on, you can purchase your own half pint satchel from The Hut or Kuji Shop. I can't wait for the website to be up and running though, as I know there are more colours available which I will need to add to my collection.

court shoes : iron fist
As an afterthought, how well does it match with my new shoes? And what colour should I get next?


  1. You got the shoes! They are so lovely! Hope the sun comes out so you can show them off :)

  2. The idea for these bags originated in my hometown of Abergavenny, South Wales. Peter Jones at the local saddlers had a milkman who needed a cash bag back in 1967 :) I recommend the mint green one next, it's gorgeous!!

  3. Love those shoes :) Just had a look and they do sheep ones too!!! xx

    Under The Cherry Rainbow

  4. Everything about that bag is gorgeous xxx

  5. Just seen this on their Facebook page. I really like these the only problem is you can't have just one colour...

  6. It's so pretty! Love it!! x

  7. Argh the colour of that bag is GLORIOUS I tell you. GLORIOUS.

  8. Such a beautiful bag, I love the colour!

    Maria xxx