Tuesday, 5 March 2013

secret penpal scavenger hunt..

Recently I signed up to WreckThisGirl's Secret Penpal Swap, and the other day a rather lovely parcel arrived for me.


We'd been given a list, from which we were to pick a number of items to include in our parcel. They were more headings really. For example, I sent something shiny, something with an animal on it, something to represent myself (I sent a little sewing kit) and a "bad day survival kit" for which I was sent a recipe for cake and some candles, with instructions to "bake a cake and put candles in it, even if it isn't your birthday". Cute.
I received a tomato growing kit as 'something seasonal'

 My swap parcel came from Miranda, whose note told me she runs a treasure-swapping site on Tumblr. As for what I sent out, I've taken a photo below. My parcel went to Brandi, and I did leave her my blog details so I'm hoping she will get in touch when she gets it.(I'm not sure if she has a blog or not).



  1. Aw, how cute! This is a sweet idea xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing Char <3 (you can link up to the post on my blogpost if you want). It seems like you received some lovely things! I know Miranda's blog and her outgoing mail is always pretty :) I hope you had fun, I'll be contacting Brandi in a while to see if she got her package or not and let you know! xx Fab

  3. this looks so fun

    Check out my giveaway :D

  4. love the penpal idea and the things you received look so lovely, what a sweet thing to do :)

    have a look at my blog if you get a chance xx

  5. Great idea, I'd love to do a blog swap! x

  6. Such a great idea! Love the little treasures you have, hope your well and thanks for still reading my blog haha x x x