Saturday, 30 March 2013

some will win, some will lose..


I've always been quite a fan of poker. When I was growing up we used to play after tea, most evenings so I have always been pretty au fait with the rules, and wouldn't need much convincing to set up a game. I have fond memories of being told off almost daily, as a college student, by my favourite coffee shop owner (and other half at the time) because we weren't supposed to be betting our coffee bill on the games as he didn't have a gambling license. Oops. (Incidentally, this was also the time in my life where I became somewhat dependent on caffeine; before this I'd never liked coffee, but I sort of taught myself to like it in order to try and impress said coffee shop guy...if my love of coffee is the only thing I've taken from that particular relationship, then fair enough..)
So when I was sent a poker set recently, I couldn't wait to get some of the guys round to see if I could still remember how to play, as it's been years. As usual I forgot to take very many photos, but I managed to win a few hands and am fairly sure I'll be holding another poker night soon enough.


  1. Oooh I used to love playing poker with my friends when I was in high school! Xx

  2. I used to play lots of poker when I was in sixth form, I was always crap at bluffing though! xx