Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spring Green Swap..

I'm sure I'm not the only one this week who has been experiencing crazy weather. Snowflakes the size of a fifty pence piece one minute and blazing sunshine the next? I've been wearing a winter coat and a pair of sunnies, which seems a bit mental. But I'm being optimistic and hoping that it means that spring is finally on it's way. Or at least, I decided I was going to embrace it whether it was officially here or not.

I dug this dress out of the wardrobe at the weekend, thinking about The Dainty Squid as I did so. I haven't worn this dress a lot really, as it's quite short and someone had clearly hacked away at it because it's really frayed and raw at the bottom hem. That all happened before I bought it, though.
I figured I'd go with spring-ish colours and plenty of florals, with my necklace and shoes.
corsage necklace: dorothy perkins
dress: vintage
cardigan, tights: new look // ankle boots : Spartoo

And so, without further ado..I thought it was high time to arrange another blog swap (I've been missing the spreadsheeting!) - this time with a Spring Green theme.
  • Sign up by dropping me an email with your blog and postal details by the 24th March and I will email out your recipient details to you by the 25th so you can get thinking of what to send. 
  • The spend limit will be £5 (which doesn't include postage) and your parcel will need to be posted off to your partner by April 5th, which should give you lots of time to find something to fit in with the 'Spring Green' theme.
  •  If I can figure out how to do a little link-up post I will do so, so that if you blog about what you've received, you can link it up to the post.
Get emailing...! 

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