Thursday, 28 March 2013

we can learn to love again..

dress, boots: primark
earrings: gift
cardigan : matalan
I feel as though Easter has crept up on me a little bit this year, I'd had my usual thoughts about finally using up the rest of those rabbit and egg shaped sequins to make and send some cards out, but I haven't done it yet and now they won't make it in time. Maybe next year.

 So, my only nod towards the egg-shaped weekend was to make some shredded wheat and chocolate nests for the staff and to dig out my crazy little rabbit earrings. Which I probably haven't worn since this time last year.

I feel like a bit of a mess in the rest of the outfit really, woolen tights always make me feel to casual, I think.


  1. Ah yes I will be making birds' nest cakes from Shredded Wheat tomorrow! I don't even like them that much, it's a bit like mince pies at Christmas! Enjoy the long weekend! xx

  2. That's an extremely pretty frock Char! I reckon it's the weight of woollen tights that make them feel less smart - I've got some cable knit ones on today and I feel like I'm back at school, not smart and work-appropriate!

  3. I love this dress :)

    I really want to do some Easter baking, I must find time! xx

  4. super cute dress