Tuesday, 26 March 2013

your skin makes me cry..

dress: g21 / george@asda
cardigan: new look
creepeers: irregular choice
I have had a bit of a thing about red outfits this week, it seems. Also, when they started being everywhere, I didn't really think I would ever go for the creepers trend.

A little while after they'd taken the world by storm, I was clearing out a box in the bottom of one of my wardrobes and rediscovered this Irregular Choice pair, purchased years ago from Ebay and I don't think I'd ever worn them before. (I know the 'rock and roll print' styles are quite a number of years old now, I have various other pairs in similar record prints and a couple of the bags from that time as well. I think my favourite Irregular Choice styles usually seem to be the older ones.)

Considering I'd totally forgotten I owned these, I decided I may as well give them a proper outing, so paired them with a lipstick print dress from G21 at Asda and a red cardigan. I quite liked how it all worked out, although the creepers were a little odd to walk in properly. They seemed a little big for my feet and seemed to be trying to flick off. I may have a bit of a mess about with the lacing on the fronts in case that will help. If not, I guess they'll be on the 'get rid' pile soon. I'm Spring Cleaning and it's time to be ruthless.


  1. Love this dress, it is such a pretty print!

    Maria xxx

  2. I have never seen that Irregular Choice design before, I think the older designs are a lot more fun too. Red really suits you Char xxx

  3. I love your dress and THOSE SHOES ARE AMAZING!!!

    Jesss xo

  4. I am not a fan of creepers but irregular choice can win me over any day x

  5. Those creepers are so pretty and go so well with your gorgeous dress! You look lovely xx

  6. Most amazing shoes ever! <3

    P.S. R.E my last post - I would love to be your penpal! <3

  7. Love these shoes, so cool! :)