Tuesday, 9 April 2013

And all the rainy days, they ain't so bad when you're the king..

skirt: forever 21 // shirt:Joy
'My Mum's Garden' heels: Office
tank top: vintage, via ebay
I dug this blouse out of the crowded wardrobe this morning, I've not worn it for ages, but I've ironed it recently so it was looking quite neat and I decided to throw it on under this tank top - (Is it a tank top? A sweater-vest? It sort of reminds me of Chandler's wardrobe from Friends, but never mind).

 I'm not convinced these heels match very well, but I like them and haven't worn them for a while, so never mind. I also don't think this skirt does my shape any favours, so that's probably for the get-rid pile. I seem to be wearing my way through the things I'm unsure about lately, in order to try and make my mind up about them.


  1. You have the most amazing shoe collection, puts my few pairs of boring black flats to shame for sure!

    Jennie xo |

  2. I love these shoes - they're amazing x

  3. Ha ha sweater vests make me think of Chandler! you look really lovely and very svelte x

  4. Stop saying pencil skirts don't suit you or I'm going to have to come and sock you on the nose. This outfit is SPLENDIFEROUS and you look amezzing.

    I'll have those heels thanks.

  5. those shoes are so bloody gorgeous! x

  6. Those heels are such stunners, who cares if they don't match!? (But I kind of like the ensemble!)



  7. I absolutely adore those shoes! Love how you put your outfits together, I get so much inspiration from you :) xx

  8. Oh I used to have those shoes, in a 'must get rid of everything' tidy up I sold them without even wearing them. I find it's easier to get rid of things before I become too attached!!