Sunday, 7 April 2013

and you realise you can't make it anyway..

dress: h&m
cardigan: h&m
bolero: miss selfridge
clutch, heels: topshop

Still working my way through the clothes I brought back from Wales, as part of the big Spring Clean (well, it's not very tidy to have half-full suitcases lying around, is it?) and this leopard print bolero was one of the things I'd almost forgotten I'd owned.. I decided to give it an outing as part of my "Sunday Best" for family lunch on Easter Sunday.

The dress was a bit of an ebay bargain, but the same as another colour I've had in the same style and bought a few months back but I'd not had chance to wear it.

I dug out these Topshop heels again, which I wore only a few months ago to the theatre, but they matched the clutch bag and the rest of the colours in the outfit quite nicely.

And I have no idea where the beads came from, but they are ridiculously long, and need to be wrapped around my neck at least three times in order to avoid tripping over them!

Altogether I quite liked this outfit, I think because I felt a bit more dressed up than usual and maybe as though I'd made more of an effort than normal? I'm not sure, but for once (and it does seem to be rare recently) I was quite pleased with it.


  1. I seriously love the mix of patterns here x

  2. That dress is fabulous, love the print! xx

  3. You look smashing! It did all come together rather well didn't it.

  4. I think you look very pretty! Lovely combination! Oh and guess what??? My wedding shoes are on my way to me!!! I got through to Taunton and they are sending them in the post (they were hunting around for a box when I spoke to them!!!) Thank you again!X

  5. Such a lovely dress for summer! xo

  6. I think you look lovely!

    Maria xxx

  7. and it was so sunny in your housey, maybe that was making you cheerful too : ) Gorgeous outfit, you really suit the leopard print bolero.

  8. Awesome mix you're wearing! Like it! XX

  9. Lovely outfit, the dress is amazing! :) XO


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