Monday, 1 April 2013

duck and cover..

dress: RAW* // cardigan : primark
ducks, and funny detail to the neck
shoes: george@asda
Ok, so I recently mentioned in one of my friday favourites posts that I'd seen a duck print skirt which needed to be added to the Wardrobe Zoo. I think the duck print on this dress from RAW (who I hadn't heard of before) is even better! I also really like the collar shape and detail. The only slightly odd thing is that even if it's unbuttoned, it only just fits over my head. I know I have a big head, but still, I found that a little weird.

I teamed it with some fairly low heels, due to the weather, standard black tights and a cardigan. I can see it being worn more and more in the coming weeks, though.


  1. Love this print and the colour. Hope you had a good Easter xx

  2. Ah, so it's got little cut outs along the neck? Cute print.

  3. My favourite colour! You could link with the Two birds post today, this outfit totally is on the mark with it!x

  4. I love this dress on you, the print is so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  5. that is odd!! i might get claustrophobic putting it on. but, it looks great on you! i love the color and the pattern!

  6. That's a lovely colour and the duck print is great.