Friday, 26 April 2013

friday favourites 046..


I usually manage to whittle my wishlists down to only a couple of items, but this week all I seem to have done is shop online. I even have a bit of a jewllery wishlist post planned because I couldn't narrow those down at all.

001: I really love the sequin lovebirds on this sweat-top from French Connection. I'm not really one for the sportswear-luxe trend which has been about recently (I tend to keep my sportswear to the gym), unlike Rosie and Sarah who seem to have it down to a tee, but I'd make an exception for this..

002: When I go shopping for shoes, I tend to make a beeline for the heels section, true. But Chie Mihara have sort of persuaded me to go for something a little more, well, flat. I love the mix of colours on these brogues - perfectly matched to number 001 as well, right (see what I did there?!)

003: Every time Michelle posts something new up on Jelly Button Jewellery, I love it, and this troll bead bracelet is no exception. Not only do I want it, but it's also made me want to dig out my old collection of troll dolls, they must be somewhere..

004: These Kurt Geiger heels are such a bargain in the sale that I'm seriously kicking myself for not snapping them up when I saw them with Alex in Bath - grr.

005: I went to Next last week to track down one of their amazing bobbin lamps to finish off my sewing area. I have rambled on before about how I don't really rate Next for clothes, and how I never find anything I like. Well, all I can say is it was lucky I wasn't wearing a hat last week.These shorts were just one of the many items of clothing which have made it onto my Next shopping list. I'm planning to head there after the dentist in the morning to snap them up, now that the sun has shown it's face.

006: I've had my eye on this Yumi jumper as well for a little while now, the motif is probably the closest I'll ever get to a 'fancy blogger camera'. At the moment, Room31 are offering 35% off their Yumi items if you enter "YUMI35" at the checkout, which I think is the push I've been waiting for.

007: Oh this belt. How I've been deliberating over it for an age. On the one hand it's a little more pricey than I'd usually consider for a belt, but on the other..? Goose! And I've not really got any wearable belts at the moment, unless I start trying to use something sharp to punch some more holes in them. Probably safer to buy this one? Thought so.

What are you wishing for this week?


  1. The shorts are very pretty, and I've had my eye on the same jumper for a while!

  2. Thankyou for featuring Room31 on your blog...
    I'm LOVING the French Connection top and the shoes oh the shoes!
    Ruth - Room31

  3. Oooh, I'm smitten with those brogues!! How lovely!x

  4. the brogues are so cute! Perfect colour as well!

  5. ah, toy trolls! i remember them! I had a massive one which was dressed up in an american flag, i thought it was the coolest things ever at the time! the good ol' 90s! x

  6. that troll bracelet is gorgeous, I love it! I'm usually the same with Next, go in one door and right out the other end and the only things catching my eye are the little girls clothes, nothing appeals to me in the womens dept.

  7. eee I LOVE the camera jumper <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. those shoes are SO cool! i love them- and the camera jumper too! xx

  9. I thought it was ice-creams on the sweatshirt, not parrots. Stupid eyes o' mine! Still adore it though. I love how everything in this wishlist is so bloody well co-ordinated.

  10. Those shorts are so cute! Love the candy stripes!

  11. Trolls! Ahhh I still have mine in the loft (I never could part with them) xxx

  12. I love the shoes, they are so unique.

  13. Those shorts are amazing, I love the colours!

    Maria xxx

  14. The jumper is so cute!! And I love the shorts :) can't wait until we get some shorts weather eeeeek xxx

  15. Oh, if only we could have someone buy us everything on our wish list. :(

    Thanks for sharing your favourite bits with us!

    Take care :) xx

  16. Totally in love with those brogues! I'm compiling a wish list of shoes, these may well have to go on it!