Tuesday, 16 April 2013

give me everything tonight..

heels: primark
dog print blouse: george@asda
skirt: next
This is actually an outfit from a couple of weeks ago, my camera has been out of battery for a while and I hadn't remembered to put it on charge until today. I also haven't got anything massively interesting on because I've managed to acquire some rather gross blisters from wearing a pair of shoes I'd not tried on before for a day trip on Friday. More on that one at another time.

This top was on the clearance rail recently in George - I don't often shop at Asda but when I do, I can't resist a little check of the clothes section; I never seem to fail to find something for the wardrobe zoo. I'd not really realised this top was quite so sheer. I'm not sure if it looks ok or not.

I'm also not so sure about the skirt - I've not worn it much since picking it up in the Next sale after Xmas. I like the colours but always worry it looks too tight on me or isn't a flattering shape. In fact, the only thing I really do like about this ensemble is the heels, and sadly they are almost ready to go to that great big shoebox in the sky, as their covering is wearing away at the sides. I'm on the look out for a replacement pair, but have tried Carvela and  just about every other women's shoe website I can think of, to no avail. Help!


  1. I love Asda's clothes, I probably shop there a bit too much. x

  2. I love your style. You look ladylike but quirky and individual at the same time. The top looks good even though it's sheer but if you feel a bit conscious you could always wear a vest underneath. Look forward to seeing your shoe replacement. xx

  3. I think the skirt look great. I like Asda clothes, especially since I found out that they are pretty good in the ethical stakes (better than most high street stores in fact). The shirt is pretty, definitely a keeper!

  4. Not too sheer at all - it looks lovely :) As does the skirt, which is fab.

  5. Char!! I can see your bra!!! You look fab missus xx

  6. Haha I hate when I don't realise the sheerness of a garment! Hope your blisters heal soon! I've still got those dodgy ankle marks from the IC bunnies...there's about 5 little dots, it looks like puncture marks, like I've been trying to inject something!

  7. I've just read Alex's blog; you are one of the kindest, most wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet!
    I have no idea how you two met, but it is so nice to read about such good friends.
    It warms the cockles of me 'eart it does!
    And a real excuse to buy new shoes as well...yippee!
    Z xx

  8. Adore this outfit and eternally jealous of those shoes (God though, you can tell that I'm behind on my Google Reader list haha sorry..) xxx