Thursday, 4 April 2013

give me your answer, do..

dress: primark (via Charlene's blog sale)

As I was just starting my day, I flicked through Twitter (if I didn't do this in the morning, I'm sure I'd be far more productive) and I saw Laura's blog post, with her pretty daisy shoes. When she first tweeted about them, I knew that even though they're a little lower than I tend to prefer my heel height, I couldn't resist the pretty bow and daisy details, and wasted little time in ordering a pair for myself. How cute are they?!

Her post inspired me to break them out of the box they'd arrived in and actually give them their first outing, rather than letting them languish away in the tower of shoeboxes for all eternity. And I'm glad that it did, as I really like them. Sometimes I just need something to inspire me to wear something new...

Rather than bright yellow, I tried to match the daisy centres to this mustard dress, which I bought from the lovely Charlene a while back, in one of her blog sales. I was pleased as I'd seen it on her blog and tried to find myself one in Primark, but to no avail. I like this dress, but it proved a pain this morning as I was getting changed after swimming. I was getting the attached lining all tangled up and almost got myself stuck - what a kerfuffle!

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post. As a little update, I went to collect the dresses from French Connection and Laura Ashley today and in both of the stores received some great customer service, so I'm even more pleased I went for those two. I can't wait to wear both of them. Roll the eff on, decent weather?

And as a final reminder, could you all let me know when you've sent and received your Spring Green Swap parcels? Looking forward to seeing what was sent, if you'd like to post about them...


  1. Glad I could inspire someone! I love how you've styled them. I am SO over the weather. Snow. April. Not my idea of fun. x

  2. Awesome shoes (like always). Wish I could get on with yellow, I always look so ill in yellow shades.

  3. I too contemplated these when I first saw them as a fellow daisy adorer but it's the peep-toe, I just CAN'T wear them, they hurt so much (plus the heel is too high for me!) love what you've done with them here!x

    1. I still think you should get the daisy pumps they do this year!

  4. the shoes are fabulous! I love them x

  5. ohh those daisy shoes are CUTE

    Francesca xo

  6. I really like this outfit, you look great. I was wondering where I'd seen those shoes before! xx