Thursday, 11 April 2013

She says "I don't like the way you're dressed"..

skirt and jacket: clothing at tesco
heels : Spartoo
blouse : vintage fair
Workwear is something which always intrigues me. (As well as being an area of the shops which I try to avoid.) It means something different to everyone, whether they work in an office and have a strict dress code, or not, a bar and have to stick to black / white items, or a shop where they have to wear that particular brand.

I've got to admit, I can't remember the last time I felt as awkward in any outfit as this suit. I had an event to run this week which called for something a little more "suited and booted" than my usual office attire (think any old dress with any old pair of shoes!)  so I thought it would be wise to make use of some of the heap of Tesco vouchers I seem to have been receiving lately and buy a suit. How very grown up of me, right?

I just wish I'd felt a little less uncomfortable in it. I have no idea what the problem was. I'm quite happy to wear a pencil skirt, ordinarily and recently I've even taken to wearing blazers. So how is this different? I have no idea, but I just felt strange and kind of frumpy in it, despite the Irregular Choice. Wondering if I got the shapes or the lengths wrong for my shape or something?


  1. It's certainly a great shape on you. Maybe it's the colour and the "matchy-ness" of the suit as you're usually so colourful and patterned with your outfits. Either way, I still think you look great.

  2. Aye shame you feel uncomfortable in this as I think you look great!

  3. It's a fantastic shape, very glamorous and sexy. Maybe some vivid tights to make it more you next time? Hot pink or red? x

  4. I think this suit looks fab on you, the outfit is more matchy then you'd normally wear maybe that's why you feel uncomfortable, I'm not sure how you do smart and clashing together though xxx

  5. Oh Char you look lovely! Maybe it's just because it's something you're not used to wearing. Gah you totally rock a suit though.
    Hope the work thing went well!


  6. I love it it look great on you ! Xx

  7. You look absolutely amazing, not a hint of frumpiness at all! <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. You look really great! I don't think I have quite 'got' workwear yet, I always feel uncomfortable too.

  9. I agree with other comments, I think it might just be the 'matchyness' of the outfit that makes you feel like that? It does look great on you though, and with those shoes you still look like you! :)

  10. Proper office suits freak me out a little. I think you look fabulous in this though, the skirt is especially lovely on you. If I were to be super super nit-picky, there's maybe an oddness of the shape around the shoulder of the jacket (not the sleeve, I like the little detail there).