Wednesday, 15 May 2013

#BEDM Day 15: lessons to learn

What's the best lesson you ever learnt? That's a pretty difficult one, so I'm going to instead make a list of all of the things I know I should have learnt by now, but fail to...

  •  You can't change someone. You change, other people change, but it's impossible to make someone else change. And it would be unfair to expect them to. 
  • Sometimes the thought of letting someone go is scarier than actually doing it. 
  • Love, like Becks said, really isn't the only thing you need to make a relationship work.
  • Losing weight doesn't actually solve all of your body image problems.
  • Apparently you can't do everything. However much you think you should be able to. 
  • Trying to keep everyone else happy usually results in everyone being happy, except you. 
  • I should be less hard on myself. 
  • There is nothing wrong with doing nothing. Once in a while, anyway. 
  • This dress creases like there is no tomorrow. 
  • These boots ruin tights.
boots : Coolway @ spartoo
dress: henry holland @debenhams
cardigan : tu clothing @ sainsbury's


  1. Thanks for posting this - I definitely agree with your points. Trying to make everyone else happy usually doesn't work out very well! xxx

  2. All very true and valid!x

  3. Ha, I love the one about keeping everyone else happy - had never thought of it like that but so true! xx


    I hope you're using your flowchart reguarlarly!

  5. Haha, I love your points! I never got this dress, my size sold out so I tried the size smaller and it gaped over my bust so I returned it. I don't own much yellow so it would've been a nice addition to my wardrobe.

  6. Agree with every single one of your lessons! So nice to read through everyone's advice and take it all on board :) xxxX

  7. Sometimes doing nothing is good for the soul <3

    Jennie xo |

  8. Wise words woman. I might print this off and keep in my bag as a reminder every now and then. Lovely dress by the way. x

  9. Definitely words to live by!

    Maria xxx

  10. All very true, I particularly agree that some times there is nothing wrong with doing nothing. I saw a great quote on Pinterest recently - Stop the glorification of busy. I love that!
    Great dress and boots, shame about the tights and creases.

  11. All very true, but remember sometimes lessons aren't learned in complete blocks, but rather over time and practise of the value behind them.