Saturday, 25 May 2013

#BEDM Day 25: Music

This is going to be like the book post; I find it hard to pin down "favourites" in a definitive list, but I've given some thought to albums which bring back particular memories for me, although aren't necessarily my favourites.

Pink Missundaztood
001: P!ink: M!ssundaztood
002: Lostprophets : Liberation Transmission
003: Gabrielle Aplin : English Rain
004: Enrique : Escape
005: All-American Rejects : When The World Comes Down
001: I think this is the first album I remember listening to on pretty much repeat, all of the time, and thinking that I could totally associate with all of the lyrics and songs. I'd say I was probably 12 or 13?

002: I almost didn't put this one in the list, if I'm honest. I loved this album and for a long time it was the only thing I was playing in the car. I've been to quite a few of their gigs and really liked the band at one point, but I have mixed feelings about them these days, mostly disappointment and I haven't really listened to them in a long time, but this album still conjures up memories of summertime road trips to the beach.

003: This hasn't been on my iPod for that long, but the whole album has racked up a crazy number of plays already. I love Gabrielle Aplin and she was the absolute highlight of my trip to Bestival last year. At the moment English Rain is getting played more than most things, and I'm not getting tired of it at all.

 004: OK, you can laugh at this one. But it's this album which brings back all of the time I spent on family holidays in the villa in Spain. We would literally have it on repeat and stay in the pool all day and all I remember is sunshine and happy times when I hear any of the songs from it.

005: This, and any other AAR album would be on my list of favourites. I know it's not so cool not to let go of the bands you grew up loving, but All-American Rejects have been my favourite band for about ten years now, and I don't seem to be getting tired of them. All-American Rejects reminds me of college days spent in the local park playing football, whilst Move Along makes me think of uni, and weekend spent in Manchester. When The World Comes Down is the most emotional for me, but mostly reminds me of being so in love on the loveliest London trip and seeing them in the Empire. Shortly after that trip my world came down, so now when I listen to it, some of the songs are a little bittersweet.

There are actually lots more I could add, now that I've started thinking about music and nostaligia...


  1. Most of these bring back memories for me, too. I played the Pink album to death. I still love Liberation Transmission (even though Ian is not the person he seemed)and have always listened to it a lot during summers. Enrique reminds me of being a young teenager, when I used to like him, and I still like The All American Rejects! They're a good band; I'm not ashamed to like them!

  2. Awww Enrique, I never used to find him attractive, but suddenly one day I was like 'hello'! Worse my Mum loves his Dad Julio!!

  3. Ohh, that Pink album! xxx