Sunday, 26 May 2013

#BEDM Day 26: dinner party..

dress: clothing at tesco
heels: carvela

 I know I've pondered the subject of my perfect dinner party in the past. It's one of those questions which seems to come up a lot, isn't it? Plus, I've always quite fancied throwing a Come Dine with Me style dinner party. I don't mind cooking now and then, I quite enjoy it if it's for a group of us or someone is coming over.

I guess I could take the easy way out here and say that I'd want to invite my best friends because I don't see them often and it's rare that we are all together and that makes me sad.

However, if we're going for the more exciting, "famous" option, I'm finding things a little more tricky.

I guess we'd want some live entertainment, so I'd ask Paloma Faith so that she could sing for us and we could play dress up together as I know she's a fellow IC fan!

I'd have to invite Mila Kunis, mostly because I have a giant crush on her. Plus she's hilarious. 

I'd want someone funny like Jeremy Clarkson (well, I find him funny, although I'm aware he's not to everyone's taste), to keep the conversation going.

Also, I have quite a lot of respect for Obama, so he'd get an invite. Definitely well ahead of any of our current political figures, anyway. Then I guess we'd need someone to ogle at, so George Clooney, Jon Hamm, Gerard Butler, sometimes Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr...oooh, and Carmine Giovinazzo from CSI: NY. That's probably enough to be going on with.

I'll need to get the emergency chairs out!


  1. Fab dress and shoes! I have some Carvela sandals in the same patent blue, yet to be worn though - must remedy that.
    This would make an interesting table. I'd have Jeremy Clarkson too, I think he's hilarious and Richard Hammond. I'd invite Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet and, and probably Jessie J too. Miranda and Olivia Coleman - tricking love her!

  2. Char I adore those heels! If you fancy giving them to a new home ill be free ;)

  3. I love your list of people who you would invite for dinner, it is actually really difficult to decide!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. Those shoes look amazing on you :)

  4. Love those shoes! I'd have no idea who I'd invite. I'm not very big on celebs really. Xx

  5. That dress is adorable Char, such lovely candy colours xxx

  6. Those heels are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!x

  7. I love those shoes and meant to say in your other outfit post how much I love your green bag in the background....foreground even! I definitely lol'd at Danny Messer, you invite him and tell him to bring Don Flack for me!! Yum Yum!

  8. I'd deff say Clarkson, I think he's funny! This dress is lovely by the way, it really suits you!