Monday, 24 June 2013

a fever you can't sweat out..

dress : fever london (ebay) // cardigan: h&m
shoes : emma go
sunglasses: some pharmacy in the lake district...
I was rather excited a couple of weeks ago to find this dress, which has been on my in-brain-wishlist for quite a long time, possibly years, and place a winning bid for it for less than a tenner.
I've had a couple of Fever London dresses in the past and they are lovely, although they tend to start off with a fairly hefty price tag.

I wore this outfit hopeful of sunshine in the Lakes last week. I was pretty lucky. Not only did we get sunshine aplenty, but my new shoes didn't rub either. I was pretty pleased to manage to snap up what seemed to be the last pair of these Emma Go flats on Spartoo a little while back.

 The only unlucky (?) part of the whole day, I suppose, was when I realised I'd forgotten my sunglasses. I popped into a little pharmacy and picked these ones up for a few pounds and they matched my outfit quite nicely. And I didn't previously have any yellow sunglasses. I guess that may have been fate?