Friday, 28 June 2013

friday favourites 050..

001: Phase Eight Geranium Print Dress, £75
002: Jaeger Ladybird Sundress, £99
003: Hobbs Stitch Flower Dress, £99
004: Phase Eight Striped Cotton Dress, £99
Despite the fact that looking out of the window makes me wonder whether it might be a bad idea, I have started planning a garden party, as a little celebration for my Queen's Guide Award Presentation. Although I'm not sure exactly when the book will be returned, it usually takes a couple of months, so we think mid-August should give us plenty of time.

The venue is sorted; how fab to know someone who lives in an actual Hall with a silly number of acres of beautiful gardens. We shall have cakes a-plenty, and serve homemade lemonade from pretty jam jars, as that seems to be the New Thing. All that's left to do now is choose something to wear. [Thankfully, unlike the official London presentation at the Palace, I don't have to wear my uniform].

001: Bright, floral prints always make me think of summer days and garden parties, so this geranium dress would be a nice option. I already have the same style in a different colour so I know that I like it. Plus it's in the sale, so that's a big thumbs up.

002: This ladybird print is so cute. I've also found that Jaeger do a matching pair of shorts and a blazer. I can't decide which is best, but I love the thought of dressing this dress up for Xmas with a little red bolero and heels, but would wear it for the garden party with some sandals.

003: This Hobbs dress has such lovely embroidery on it  - For more "dressed up" occasions, I prefer something which has been embellished or embroidered more than just a regular print. The straps and split collar detail give it a summery, floaty feel and I think it would look lovely with some lilac shoes.

004: This stripey dress keeps catching my eye. Every time I see it, I love the bright blue colour, it's wrap-around detail and it's definitely firmly on my wishlist. When we saw it in store this week, Little Sis pointed out that it's a little too "deckchair" for her liking, but I think it would be pretty cute for a summer BBQ or party.

I've not come any closer to making a decision, really. What do you think?


  1. I really, really love the stripy dress. And personally I don't think there's anything wrong with dressing like a deckchair!

  2. A deckchair? Hahaha, I would never have made that connotation. I think it looks like a lovely dress, great colour of blue. The first dress really screams garden party to me though.

  3. Oooh, a garden party sounds lovely!
    I think all the dresses are very pretty, but I think the florals of the first dress make it perfect for the event! xx

  4. I absolutely love the first one!