Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I would raise my drink to you..but I'll stay sober just for you..

dress: laura ashley (vintage)*
necklace: eclectic eccentricity*
I love this outfit. I suppose it's just a dress and a necklace really, but it's my birthday outfit. The dress was a gift from one of my sisters, the necklace a gift from the other, so it seemed fitting to wear them together.

I added the headband because I had about five minutes to make myself look sort-of-presentable as I actually had to leave the house to go for an impromptu dinner date. It was ludicrously sunny so I just threw on some gladiator sandals as I always figure they're like an ever-so-slightly-more-dressed-up option than flip flops..(ahh, the politics of shoes..!) I hoped the headband would focus attention away from my crazy mane of untamed hair, at the very least.

Topically, I've discovered it's Laura Ashley's 60th anniversary - I'm wondering whether to try and do a bit of a showcase of some of my LA dresses, as this one barely fitted into the Laura Ashley wardrobe when I came to put it away, which made me realise my collection had grown quite a bit over the past few years. If anyone is a facebook-er, I hear they are running a competition to celebrate their anniversary, which you can find here.


  1. Such a pretty dress, so perfect for a birthday outfit. LOVE the necklace too x

  2. Ah your sisters have good taste Char!

  3. That dress is so perfect! It suits you so well :)

  4. Lovely dress, very relaxed and summery looking. I'd certainly enjoy a peek into your LA dress collection!

  5. I would love an LA post, you have some fabulous dresses from there. You look stunning in this, I like the hippy vibe on you and the necklace is adorable. hope you enjoyed your b'day x

  6. I adore this dress on you, and your hair looks great too with that hairband! xxx