Thursday, 27 June 2013

keep or return..

culottes: asos
giraffe blouse: matalan
heels: primark
I guess this should have been posted a little earlier as by now I've almost completely made up my mind on these culottes. I'm not sure why I was so disappointed with them when they arrived.

I do seem to have been bitten by the culottes bug lately; I like the idea of them, so when I saw these and decided I really liked the colour, I was quick to place an order.

I'm just not sure if, with being so long and quite full, they just end up looking like a weird-shaped skirt. Also, they seem to crease almost instantly.

I don't think I could wear this length with flat shoes, so went with some trusty black heels to match the giraffe print of this blouse. Maybe something else would work better with them?

Any thoughts? 


  1. Look a bit bulky - with my bum/thighs they'd go straight back!

  2. They look a bit bulky - with my hips/bum/thighs I'd send them back! Good colour though but I'd get fed up with the creasing.

  3. Mmmmmm, I like them but the creasing would drive me bonkers.

  4. Great colour, but to be honest they do look bulky and the shape looks strange. I think the fabric is maybe too rigid? You could whizz up something far more flattering with your sewing skills!