Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Laura Ashley memories..

Archive bird print / Postcard print / Vintage blue maxi / Vintage peach sundress / Red rose print
Blue silk floral / Dusky rose print / Boats print / Marine print / Vintage roses
Leaf print / Vintage yellow + blue rose maxi / Vintage blue boats / Vintage gingham / Vintage strapless floral
Vintage princess dress / Vintage red floral / Picnic check / Vintage blue floral maxi
Vintage pink maxi / Vintage strapless pastel floral / Seaside print / Vintage floral maxi / Vintage brown maxi

One of the things I get most teased about (other than my obsession with The Archers) is probably my love of Laura Ashley. I blame my mother for this one; as far back as I can remember she'd wear pretty long floral dresses, a beautiful red cord coat dress, and I think my favourite of her LA dresses was a pale pink beauty with an embroidered collar. She's definitely passed on her love of the brand to me.

I mentioned their 60th anniversary the other day, and the competition which is running on facebook to collect Laura Ashley memories. Although I can't make it to London today for the press day, I wanted to post about some of my favourite dresses and their associated memories, so I've dug some of them out for photos.

I guess I'm building up quite a collection of their dresses, both new and older vintage styles. I really love the archive print collection which was introduced a couple of years ago and couldn't resist buying the lime / bird print dress as soon as it hit the stores - I remember dragging my best friends into the stores in Chester after we'd thrown one of them a surprise baby shower.

The postcard print and the striped village print ones were total impulse buys as well; one of those occasions where you can't decide so go for both (I seem to do that quite often). The postcard one has a tiny repair on the seam under the arm one one side. I was walking along in Birmingham and got my heel caught in a crack in the pavement and tripped over, somehow managing to split it. I was so gutted, but fixed it as well as I could.

The red rose print and the navy check were ones I hadn't noticed in my local store until finding them both on the sale rail and again, went for both. They're the same, beautifully-cut shape as the postcard print one and I love them all (even though I've lost a few dress sizes since their purchase. I will alter them because I wouldn't want to part with them).

The princess dress might be one of my favourites, although that's such a hard decision. I wore it to a garden party and played croquet in the rain in my bare feet. I don't think I've worn it since. My long brown maxi dress was worn for a lovely dinner and theatre trip with my mother. My marine print dress had it's first outing for Alex's birthday surprise visit to Bath.

I think there are some pretty lovely memories associated to all of them. I didn't even remember to include my beloved floral shorts, or my vintage jumpsuit - argh!
p.s this post is not sponsored at all, I just thought it was fitting given the memories campaign at the moment and the fact that I genuinely love the brand.


  1. Such a brilliant post, I love every single dress. I'm still gutted I never managed to get the postcard and seaside dresses when they went into the sale. I couldn't afford or justify them at full price and by the time they were reduced my size had gone. I also adore the navy boat one, an amazing collection!

  2. I love all of these, especially the postcard print and the boat print dresses. I am seriously jealous of your dress collection.

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please
    The Cake and Tea Blog

  3. I never think of looking in there for dresses, I'm always in there for homewear. Jealous of your lovely collection x

  4. Loving all these beauties :)
    hopefully the sun will come out PROPERLY soon and we can all be summer dress wearing happy girlies!
    I cant wait to fit back into my old dresses... with time, ill be there x

  5. I've got the vintage yellow and blue roses maxi but in pink and red roses! I adore Laura Ashley too. I have my Mum's dresses but wish I had some of these modern ones!x

  6. I love looking back at vintage dresses! Love Laura Ashley! x

  7. loooove the vintage blue floral maxi! so cute! xx

  8. You have an amazing collection! They're all so beautiful!

  9. Such a great post, I love all your LA dresses, can't even pick a favourite. Oddly I don't actually own any LA dresses but I do have a couple of tops and shirts, my favourite shirt being an archive floral print.

  10. Okay, I'm literally drooling over the pretties in this post. Rock those dresses, girl. They're beautiful!

  11. I am so jealous of your beautiful LA dress collection, I only have 1!

    Maria xxx

  12. This is a lovely post. I often find that I can't part with an item of clothing because of the memories it has attached to it.

    I have to say I don't shop in Laura Ashley very much at all. I should as it is were my best friend and I FINALLY found my bridesmaid dress. I wore it to her wedding on a beach in Zanzibar. I think I'll own that dress forever.

    You have a fab collection here, I'm rather jealous, although I was telling my Dad the other day about the amount of dresses I have. He raised an eyebrow and said 'but you don't wear dresses'. He has a point.

  13. ohhh dresses, dresses, this really brings out the girly side of me, haha!

    check out my blog!

  14. Char, you honestly have the prettiest collection of dresses I have ever seen

  15. I love your dresses I used to have the postcard dress would love to buy again I regret giving it away xx