Saturday, 29 June 2013

sail away with me honey..

court shoes: irregular choice
skirt:  Cath Kidston
sequin top: primark

On Tuesday, as a post-exam treat, I took Little Sis to Liverpool for a day of shopping, lunching and art gallery goodness.

Of course, I came back with a few things for myself as well. This skirt was a Cath Kidston sale bargain, and I love how it seems to match nicely with these new(ish) Irregular Choice shoes. I'm not sure now why I held off ordering the Can't Touch This heels for so long; they're lovely and comfortable. I sort of wish I'd snapped them up long ago.

I'm not so sure now that I look at the photos about this top. I can never quite make "oversized" work on me without thinking I look like a total frump. 


  1. Adore those shoes and love the skirt. Maybe if your unsure of the top try tucking it in and then bag it out a little? X

  2. I think this top would look nice tucked in and you don't look like a frump at all x