Sunday, 16 June 2013

sunday shoes 017..

new shoes..
Emma Go 'Martina' sandals
New Look glitter court shoes
Shoe Zone floral wedges
Irregular Choice 'Burmese' heels
Quite a few more shoes this week to add to the ever-growing collection. I'm rather pleased with all of them.

I already have the yellow version of these Emma Go sandals and liked them so much when they arrived that I wasted no time in ordering the blue version, too. They're mighty comfortable.

I was very pleased that @DressJunkie was having a sort-out recently and getting rid of these gold glitter heels. I used to have a pair of gold sequin heels but my feet do seem to have got smaller with weight-loss, so I had to let them go when they became too big for me.#

Very excited to receive these floral wedges as well, bring back the sun so that I can give them a proper first outing please, Weather.

And these cat ones I'm probably most excited about - I've been trying to find myself a pair of Burmese heels from Irregular Choice for oh-so-long. I think they're super cute and will quash my cat-shoes thirst as I've been spending far too much time browsing on the Charlotte Olympia site lately. 


  1. Char your shoe collection is immense!

  2. I need those blue wedges in my life

  3. I cannot think of anyone with as fabulous a shoe collection as you :) These are all beautiful and I especially love the 'Burmese' ones as they make me smile.

    Florrie x

  4. All excellent additions! I am further smitten by the Martina's

  5. Gah I've been trying so hard to avoid buying those IC's, even although I've been wanting the much more pricey CO pair for so long! Never heard of Emma Go.