Saturday, 13 July 2013

a year without shops?

dress : vintage
hat : seeberger
sandals : matalan
I've been thinking about "shopping local" recently. I live in quite a small town, which is not only home to plenty of history and architecture, but is also home to lots of independent shops. I must admit that I often forget about them.

When I head into town on a weekend it's usually to run a few quick errands and I tend to stick to the same places if I'm having a short browse. But a few weekends ago, Lauren and I made an effort to go to some of the shops we hadn't tried before - particularly vintage clothes shops. I was quite excited to find that in one of the little shopping centres (which used to be a hospital), a new vintage shop was opening up.

Street Vintage had plenty of clothes and accessories to offer, and so reasonably priced that I bought all three of the dresses which caught my eye, for less than I'd usually spend on a Laura Ashley or a Monsoon dress. If you're not local, they also sell on Asos Marketplace. If you are, it's definitely worth a look and worth noting that they offer student discount too.

I couldn't wait to wear this dress; the print drew me in almost immediately as it made me think of a vintage LA pattern, although I'm not sure what the make it (not one I recognise). It goes so nicely with this sun hat - another thing I'm trying to do lately is actually wear some of my hat collection. I'm wondering about a local shopping challenge - maybe along the lines of the year-without-supermarkets challenge Team Pugh are undertaking this year (another recent blog find!)


  1. This dress is so pretty. I wish the shops in my town were a bit better, but all of the good ones don't last long and we are left with mostly charity shops and Cash Converters... I do enjoy having a nosey round the charity shops though there doesn't tend to be much!xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. This sounds like such a mint idea! It sounds a lot like the challenge :)

  3. that sounds like a crazy-ass challenge! I would like to avoid the mainstream shops more, but it's so easy just to nip in! x

  4. No wonder you snapped it up - such a beauty!

  5. Great idea! What a fabulous dress!x