Friday, 5 July 2013

friday favourites 051..

001: Midi Skater Dress, £17.50, ASOS
002: heels, £111.19, Melissa

001: This dress is one of the huge number of saved items I currently have on the ASOS site. I think this has been reduced a couple of times now and I reckon that for £17.50 it would be a total bargain. I think I'd wear it with some heels, as I'm never sure about midi length with flat shoes.

002: On screen, I sort of think these shoes look as though they'd be the perfect match. They look pretty with the contrasting bright pink bow, and the colours would go nicely with the dress, but then I have a major reservation about the fact that they're made from that rubbery plastic, which I'm just not convinced won't cut my feet to ribbons. I know that some of you have a pair now, so if you do, and could leave me your thoughts to help make up my mind on them, I'd appreciate it.


  1. I don't have this pair of Melissa shoes (although I do have some fake ones that are the same shape from eBay!), but I have another style in this same rubber, and they're really comfortable. They don't dig or cut into me at all, they're one of my most comfortable pairs of heels actually, probably because they're that little bit more flexible.
    The dress is gorgeous too by the way :)

  2. I have 2 pairs of Melissa's, and I do adore them. They are easy to walk in and everyone always comments on them. But they do rub. It's pretty easy to offset that though, some party feet or cushioned plasters in areas you think might get blistered. They're gorgeous and worth the extra footcare.

  3. I have two pairs of lady dragons and can vouch for the fact they're comfortable. I wear them all day without any problems!

  4. I have a pair and love them.They are super comfy.Go for it!

  5. I've been eyeing up that dress too! The print is so lovely! I definitely agree that I feel slightly odd with midi lengths unless I'm wearing heels.

    Florrie x

  6. I have a pair of the Melissas but I find them difficult to wear because of the slingback, I think my ankles are the wrong shape or something! Other than that, they are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  7. I have about 8 pairs of melissas and they're awesome. The plastic isn't rigid at all it moulds to the shape of your feet :)

  8. I love that dress! I think you should definitely splurge :) I always wear heels with mid length pieces too otherwise I think it makes me look a little stumpy :(