Thursday, 25 July 2013

i know you're around like the ice cream man..

sandals: matalan
dress: topshop
bag: clothing at tesco (gift)
sunglasses: sunglasses shop*

I love this dress and this bag together. I was ever so lucky to be given the bag by a rather lovely friend (thank you, Steph!) who'd decided she wouldn't use it and knew how much I'd liked it before it sold out.

Then, a couple of weeks back, I was trying to think of a summery outfit for wandering around Warwick when we went to visit Sarah, and I unearthed this dress. Hidden away in the wardrobe with it's tags still on. I know it's been in there a lot of years, because I recall the only place I'd managed to track one down was the London Oxford Street store, and when we were doing a project in London, I'd asked one of the staff to pick it up for me on the way back to their hotel. (And that project was completed about four years ago!)

I'm glad I finally wore it, although not so glad I discovered that the dye in the fabric reeeeallly runs. Going to have to wash it on it's own a few times, I think.


  1. The dress! The bag! I love it all. Gorgeous outfit

  2. the dress and bag go together a treat! x

  3. Great combination! The dress is a lovely shape and the pattern reminds me of my favourite childhood red dungarees :)

  4. I adore this dress, such a pretty print!

    Maria xxx

  5. lovely ag, looks like a fun mix of colours!