Monday, 15 July 2013

i never promised you a rose garden..

Warwick Food
Warwick Castle
So after a rather busy week last week, where I seemed to spend every spare moment baking cakes for the rangers' quiz night on Friday, finally Friday arrived. The quiz went well although I was a bit disappointed at how poorly attended it was. People in that village seem to spend their time whinging about the lack of things to do, and then when you offer them one, they don't go. Typical.

Anyway, after clearing up, I met Alex and we headed down to meet Sarah, Rosie and Gem at Sarah's house for the weekend full of cakes and picnicking as we had tickets for the Proms at Warwick Castle. It was rather lovely to catch up with these girls; the last time I saw them all was back in Norbury Manor. I was also rather excited to meet super dressmaking fiend, Roisin as well.

Aside from eating plenty of cakes, we had lots of fun wandering around Warwick, visiting the Thai food festival and lunching at a couple of pubs. Ok, yes, we seem to have spent the entire weekend eating. And laughing. And raiding about a million dresses Sarah was getting rid of (I may have come home with waaaay too many!) Saturday night was spent with a picnic listening to the orchestra and later watching fireworks, then Rosie and I trying to figure out how best to get everything home, like in the fox and river puzzle, which had us in fits of laughter.

dress: french connection // sandals : Spartoo // bag: george@asda
According to Twitter it was "the hottest day of the year so far" on Saturday, and Rosie tells me it got up to 31C, which I was rather pleased about - I can never get enough of the sun, although I still don't seem to be able to fix my welly tan lines.

Saturday's outfit was a chance to wear my recent French Connection sundress for a second time - I'm trying to get it's cost-per-wear down by remembering to wear it, as despite finding it on the John Lewis clearance rail, I'm not sure their idea of clearance bargains and mine quite tally.

I also took the opportunity to dig out a pair of shoes I've had for years but never worn. It's totally fine to wear winged sandals during day to day life, isn't it? I love this bag as well, it was a recent George purchase but the leopard on it makes me think of more vintage designs. I must admit I've managed to stain it since these pictures; yesterday's dress wasn't as colourfast as I'd hoped. I'm going to try and give it a good scrub down and hope it saves it.

I had such a lovely weekend, and can't wait to see all of these girls again. I think I'm going to have to give up cake for a while, though, to recover.


  1. What a fun day! I love your dress, it fits you beautifully and those sandals rock! x

  2. OOoh how much fun!!!!! Love that dress too! DAISIES!x

  3. That dress was gorgeous, loved all the detail up close. It's my mum and brothers birthday this week so more cake for me, really can't face anymore food xx

  4. Those shoes are a-maze-ing! Super cute.
    Looks like a great day out.
    Wellie tan lines...that's new one on me! Little smidgen of fake tan needed, maybe? Mind you, can't notice it in your photo!
    Z xx

  5. It looks like you all had such a fun weekend.
    Great outfit. x

  6. What a day! It was SOOOO nice to finally meet you in person! x