Monday, 8 July 2013

polka dot dolly..

dress: dorothy perkins
court shoes: office
cardigan: h+m
This dress is one of those perfect charity shop finds. I popped in to one of the charity shops on the way to finding somewhere to have lunch when I was in Liverpool with Little Sis. I snapped it up as soon as I saw it. It's just a Dorothy Perkins one, but I like the colour and the shape of it very much and can see it becoming an office wardrobe staple, so that's a definite bargain in my book.

I rediscovered these shoes by chance; I had kind of forgotten I had them, until I was browsing  and came across a rather similar Chie Mihara pair, which reminded me to dig them out. I think they match this cardigan rather well, although have to admit the recent warmth in my office meant I abandoned the woolen layer quite early on, that day.

How has everyone been enjoying the sunshine. My plans sadly had to change last minute on Friday, due to some unforseen and rather unfortunate happenings, but I made the most of the sun anyway and managed to fit in a trip to the allotment, a stall at the village fete and a visit to see one of my best friends. 


  1. Oh Char, those shoes are a dream. Sorry your weekend didn't go to plan x

  2. Beautiful shoes & your dress was such a great find! Sorry to hear you weekend didn't go quite to plan but at least the sun was shining & you got to make the most of it! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Those shoes are absolutely stunning! Ah sorry to hear that your weekend didn't go to plan, i hope you have a good week beautiful xx

  4. Those shoes are so cute, pretty colour. Loving the dress too, can't go wrong with polka dots!

  5. That sweet polka dot dress was a fab buy, it's gorgeous on you! x

  6. That is a good find, love the colour and it's a really lovely shape. I'm still haunted by a similar dress in a charity shop that I didn't buy. I do have more dresses than I need but that would have been a good one - one I might have actually worn!!

  7. Those shoes!!! Lovely dress too, bargain.

  8. It reminds of that gorg dress that Julia Roberts wears to the polo in Pretty Woman. Great find, looks fab on!
    Hope all the 'duff' stuff is better and that you have a great week.
    Bet the allotment is going great guns in this weather!!
    Z xx