Friday, 19 July 2013

strawberry fields..

skirt: cath kidston
Strawberry Fields wedges: irregular choice*
top: h&m

I felt as though these shoes, now that I've finally got around to wearing them, deserved a bit of a review. I ordered them a few months ago and they've been sitting around stacked in the shoebox wall, waiting for the weather to get more sandal-friendly. Now that it most certainly is, I decided to unpack these and give them a try.

I have to admit, they were a little more pricey than I'd usually expect from Irregular Choice lately. I searched across numerous sites and they seemed to retail at around £90 on each one, which seems higher than a lot of their other pairs have been over the past few seasons. I was therefore intrigued to find out why.

When they first arrived, I couldn't quite see any reason. Although they're well-made, nicely covered and finished in the fruity print fabric, and shaped to comfortably fit my feet, I couldn't help thinking, "well, they're just a pair of wedges". I'm probably still thinking that, to a certain extent.

The insides of the shoes are a pretty turquoise leather, with the Irregular Choice logo and various rosebuds embroidered on it, which gives them quite a high quality finished look. The straps are red suede and a nice contrast with the colours of the fabric bows. One thing I'd been wary of was the fact they close with velcro, which I've found hasn't been too secure with my Whiskers heels, but these ones haven't come detached at all during my wear.

Maybe my reticence grew from the subconscious thought that they're not the kind of shape, or heel height I'd usually choose, so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a little. That said, other than the annoying little cherry charms which dangle about and hit my ankles when walking (although I think they can be easily detached), I can't find any fault with them. They're comfortable and I have no problems walking in them all day and find them perfectly sturdy. 

I'm glad I found a lot to say about the shoes as I don't think the rest of the outfit was that deserving of a mention.


  1. They are very striking, odd choice of fastening, velcro has a habit of picking up all sorts of little bits of fluff and such and often becomes unsticky...
    Love the fabric though.

  2. I would love a peek inside your shoe wardrobe, I think you have an incredible collection!

    Jennie xo |

  3. Love that nail polish on your toes : ) I don't really recall noticing these wedges before, they're quite cute.