Tuesday, 6 August 2013

a sea monster lives in the river..

dress: laura ashley
wedges: Spartoo

At the moment I seem to be thrilled and full of rage in equal measure - it's a funny old feeling. I'm pleased because today I received a congratulations letter from Girlguiding to confirm I've been awarded my Queen's Guide Award, which is pretty great as it took a lot of work and I stressed about it quite a lot. My guiding-related stress has now been turned to this summer's camp, though. I'm struggling to find anyone who can come with us who holds the right qualifications and thus we may have to cancel - annoying.

I have no idea how long I've had these pretty green sandals, it's definitely been years and I don't think I've ever worn them. They're rather lovely to wear, and go quite nicely with this dress. I have to admit, I have them in black and blue as well, neither of which I think I've worn yet either - I should probably set myself a challenge to wear as many of my unworn shoes as possible.

I'm currently feeling the mid-afternoon sleepiness coming over me, but I'll have to wake up and come up with a solution for the camp thing, then go to spinning, and then I'm off to watch Summer in February, which I've seen good things about.


  1. Oh those shoes are perfect, I love green. Well done on your award sweetie, you should be proud xx

  2. Congratulations on the award, that's amazing. Love the shoes! xx

  3. A massive well done char! I'm very impressed!

  4. Well done on the award. I'm looking into becoming a Girl Guiding leader. Tres exciting.


  5. WEll done on the award. I'm looking into becoming a Girl Guiding leader. Nervous and excited.


  6. So chuffed to read about your award! Well done, very proud of you.
    Hope you can sort out someone for camp, it'd be such a shame to have to cancel it.
    Those green shoes are a stunning shade. Beautiful.
    Z xx

  7. Brilliant about your award, I know that there's A LOT of work involved in that. That would be such a pity to cancel if it can't get sorted. It definitely helped me wearing all my shoes on my original challenge, because I found I didn't love certain ones as much as I thought or had grown out of love with them altogether or there were some I'd forgotten about and now wear lots. I managed to get rid of literally hundreds on my challenge. I've bought a ton load since of course!