Thursday, 15 August 2013

all the world's a stage..


On Tuesday evening I met a couple of friends and we headed with a fully packed picnic basket to one of the local schools, to watch As You Like It, performed by The Lord Chamberlain's Men.
 They're an outdoor theatre company who take their Shakespeare performances all across the UK. I've been trying to make an effort lately to get out and do more things which are local to me.

Because my closest friends aren't so close in terms of their locations, I do seem to spend a lot of my time travelling up and down the country to spend time with them, which means that although I visit lots of places and events and whatnot, I don't seem to get very much in the way of local experiences. I have therefore tried to embrace some of the local events in and around my town and county.

Also, an excuse to use my new picnic basket - another reason to go, if you ask me. I had total picnic set envy when I went to the Proms at Warwick Castle as everyone seemed to have a cute picnic set with them. After lusting after Rosie's, I had a little look on the BHS website and found this rather cute 4 person set in the sale, and snapped it up without delay. My friend Lauren is completely taken with the fact it has a mini salt and pepper set, I love the fact there's matching napkins and that the plates are proper porcelain, as well as the cute strawberry fabric. It's got plenty of space for lots of food; we were eating all evening and still brought heaps of French Fancies and hummous home with us!

And as for As You Like It? Well, I may be biased as that's one of my favourite of Shakespeare's plays, but I thought it was great. The actors engaged with the audience a little, and to great effect during the stages of life monologue. The whole thing was hilarious and thoroughly enjoyed by what seemed like the entire audience - children, too, which I always think is rather great, as so many people seem to have that view that Shakespeare is boring and can't be enjoyed by kids, only studied: so wrong, in my opinion. If they're coming to a venue near you, I'd definitely recommend you go to see this!



  1. Ooh, this looks awesome! I so agree with you about wishing more people would give Shakespeare a chance rather than just dismissing it as boring: I remember going to see my first play with my high school English class - everyone was whining about how they wouldn't understand it, and how it would be SOOOO boring, but they all absolutely loved it. It's just a shame they wouldn't ever have tried it if they hadn't been forced to!

  2. That's great. Loving that cute picnic basket.