Friday, 9 August 2013

friday favourites 055..

001: Home Sweet Home Shirt, Great Plains, £50
002: Heart Print Jumper, Matalan, £12
This week, the weather has been mostly grey and a bit rainy, here, which has turned my attentions to autumn wardrobe staples. I've got a bit bored of sifting through the dregs of the summer sales, if nobody wanted it when it was reduced the first time, they're probably still not going to want it if you take another couple of quid off it's price! So I can see that my colder weather wardrobe is going to take shape...

001: I haven't yet taken delivery of my first Great Plains item (I ordered the bicycle print skirt after posting about it a couple of weeks ago, but Zalando are taking their sweet time, so I won't be ordering from them again!), but I was browsing through the new collection items and have totally fallen for this printed shirt. It looks light enough to layer under a jumper or dress when the weather gets a bit chilly and I want sleeves...

002: This heart print jumper caught my eye as I was looking at the Matalan site the other day as well. I used to buy so many clothes from Matalan, but for some reason I've not been there for a while. I'm planning to make a trip there one evening next week to try and locate this jumper, though - a total bargain for £12!

What are you lusting after this week?


  1. Oh the heart jumper is beautiful, it looks so cosy! I haven't been to Matalan in a really long time either!

    Jennie xo | sailboat.

  2. I'm off to Matalan shortly - shall keep my eyes peeled for that lovely jumper!

  3. that's so annoying about Zalando, I remember mine took a while but no that long... x

  4. The print on the shirt is lovely.. I never think to check Matalan, the jumper is rather cute though!xx

  5. That shirt is to cute, I love the little house print on it. Adorable x

  6. love that shirt, so pretty! xx

  7. The heart jumper is cute. Glad you ordered that bicycle skirt, it's do lovely.

  8. I love hearts, Red Herrings have some lovely new heart prints at Debenhams this season.