Friday, 16 August 2013

friday favourites 056..

001: Marks and Spencer red coat, £79
002: Fever London Farringdon Dress, £69.99
003: Fever London Seattle Skater Dress,  £44.99
This week I think the wishlist is feeling very Mad Men. I'd always have said I was more of a 50s fan, but some of the 60s stuff which seems to be gracing the pages of so many lookbooks lately may have me changing my mind.

 001: I saw Amber's post about this preview and right away noticed this coat - it totally stole my heart. I love the shape, and the leopard print collar. I asked M&S on Twitter and they told me that it's part of their Limited Edition collection, will retail at £79 and should hit the stores Oct/Nov, so no link yet. I've put a note in my diary to remind me to look for it. 

002: I've been looking through the Fever London lookbook lately as well,; another collection which seems to have a strong "heritage" theme going on for the AW season. After recently purchasing their giraffe dress, I have decided my wardrobe would benefit from more racing green. Such a lovely wintery colour, which I think lends itself to being teamed with any number of colours. I really like this Farringdon dress. How classy does that collar / tie waist combination look? The Farringdon is due to hit the website at the end of the month; a post Bank-Hol pick-me-up!

003: Mustard is another colour I can't seem to get enough of when the weather takes a turn for the cold. This Seattle skater dress is winning me over with it's cute print and little sleeves. Plus, skater dresses are always flattering. This one should be available online from mid-September.


  1. All gorgeous choices! The Farringdon Dress is quite a stunner

  2. Ooooh that coat, swoon! I'm hoping to go to my nearest M&S store when they launch their A/W collection for a little tour so I will be looking out for that little treat! I love a red coat! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. Love the shape of the farringdon dress, so stylish. I also find myself favouring dark greens and mustards come autumn.

  4. Wow that coat is completely swoon worthy! I love it!

  5. I've always been a sucker for red winter coats!

  6. Need that coat (like every single other person, apparently, aha) xx

  7. That coat is gorgeous. I hate coats and jackets (they never seem to fit or suit me), but this one is lovely.

  8. Oooo I'm a little bit in love with the farringdon dress! It looks super flattering and a nice change from black without being too in your face colourful - but then that red coat! Perfect tonic to deal winter mornings!

    Jen x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes