Sunday, 25 August 2013

sunday shoes 019: dan sullivan "got the hump"


New shoes? Again? Um, yes.

This is my first pair of Dan Sullivan for Irregular Choice. I have to admit that when the collections are first released I tend to find them all ludicrous, both in terms of design and price. These Got The Hump wedges were actually no exception to that statement, to begin with.

After a few months, they'd grown on me to the point where I'd bookmarked them. For some reason I didn't check the sale until a little while into it and by the time I did, they'd sold out in my size, in both colours. And that's when I realised just how much I did like them - always the way, isn't it?

The folks at Irregular Choice tried hard to help me track a pair down, but to no avail: they were completely sold out. I'd given up the search and then had an email from Gemma, who'd noticed there was one pair back on the site. I ordered them so quickly I didn't even notice which colour they were until they arrived, but that's fine as I liked them both (they were quite similar really), but probably did prefer the navy if I'm honest.

Now that they have arrived, I can safely say that I love them. Even the Dan Sullivan box is cute. I like the fact that they're presented totally differently to any of the standard Irregular Choice designs, not just with the print on the box, but also the fact that this one opens with some kind of clever folding mechanism which rises the inner box. Kind of like a pop-up birthday card, if you like.

The wedges themselves are cork style heels and platforms with a gold coloured covering and then the camel detail on the side of the shoes, with the rope and tassel detail which I love. The uppers are a sort of checked hessian material and the whole shoe makes me think of Aladdin, I think.

I went for my usual size (well that was all they had) but luckily the fit seems nice and true to size, so I am beginning to think that Irregular Choice have finally sorted out their sizing inconsistencies. I can't find them on the site anymore to link to, so I guess they really are totally sold out now. Very glad I got my hands on a pair, and I think in future I'll be less likely to dismiss the DS collections quite so quickly.

What do you think of the Got The Hump heels?


  1. Char I think I want to come and live in your shoe cupboard and just lay amongst all your amazing pairs.


  2. Wow, they're gorgeous! Glad you got a pair in the end!

  3. Thanks for the linky, so glad you like them and they fit.