Saturday, 24 August 2013

we're up all night til the sun..

sandals : clothing at tesco
shorts : urban outfitters
blazer : primark
Weekends sometimes call for dressed down comfort. I found these shorts in the wardrobe and realised they'd never been worn, so I thought I'd try them in an outfit. I'm not so sure I like them as much as I thought I would in my head. I think I had in mind something a little more high-waisted, like one of these Tara Starlet pairs or something. It's a shame because I really want to love the cute little bumblebee print.

I went for a fairly basic vest, blazer and sandals, tried to match the necklace to it all and went out hoping for the sun to make an appearance - which it didn't, so I spend most of the day shivering away in the blazer and wishing I'd put some tights and brogues on instead of sandals and bare legs. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.


  1. Yellow is one of my favourite colours, so I love this outfit! I definitely think weekends call for more casual looks.