Wednesday, 7 August 2013

where everything's nothing without you..

dress, coat, cardigan : primark
heels : primark
handbag : moony mood
I have my fingers crossed that we should be OK to resolve the guide camp situation without being forced to cancel. That's been my number one concern today, really. I've been rushing around like a crazy thing over the past day or so, trying to fit everything in, working as an impromtu taxi service for the colleague with a broken ankle, spinning class and then a little trip to the cinema to see Summer in February yesterday evening, which I enjoyed.

This outfit is actually from Monday, when we had grey skies and some rain, so I dug out this floral trench coat, which I love for summer as it's so lightweight, whilst also being waterproof. I decided to try out a new handbag, which I must admit I'm really liking; it's plenty big enough for all of my essentials, whilst also being compact enough to carry about on my arm with no problems. It did actually come with a long handle, which I've so far forgotten to attach.

This evening is my night off from the gym (I try to give myself one per week) so once I've got home and watered the allotment, I'm hoping to make some progress on the next dressmaking project - finally something for me; the first in what seems like a while!


  1. That trench coat is to die for!

  2. Ooo, what sort of dress/fabric are you going to do?
    Z xx

  3. I love your bag. I think you are the busiest person in the world, I don;t know how you do it! xx

  4. I absolutely love that dress. Is it new?

  5. I love my coat like that too, it's a great 'transitional' piece.