Friday, 20 September 2013

friday favourites 061..

001: Irregular Choice Carpe Diem heels, £79.99
002: Colette Nutmeg pattern, about £11

003: Clarks Humble Oak Brogues, £54.99, Charles Clinkard
This week I've not really had a lot of time for looking online at things, which is probably a good thing after all the shopping I did last weekend. There are a couple of things which have been firmly on my wishlist for a little while, though..

001: I'd almost given up hope of getting my hands on a pair of these shoes. I must admit that unlike "the good old days" where I'd like almost every pair of Irregular Choice shoes I saw, recent seasons haven't had that many styles which have really appealed to me. There's been the odd one or two over the last year or so (Flopsy, Got da Hump are the only ones which spring to mind) and when I saw this season's lookbook, only a couple of pairs stood out. The main one being these Carpe Diem heels. They sold out almost as soon as they made it onto the site, but the lovely folks at IC have managed to track me down a pair which should be on their way to me as you read this!

002: Not that I seem to get enough time to stitch my way through the patterns I already have, but I've had my eye on this Nutmeg pattern for a while. I have visions of sewing it up in pretty satins but I'm not quite sure if my skills are able to cope with it yet. I am so seriously considering taking a week off just to get around to some of the things I'd love to sew.

003: I'm rather liking these brogues. I never really give much thought to sensible footwear until the autumn sets in, but these would be a rather nice replacement for a pair of Primark leopard print boots which I have worn almost to death over the past couple of winters. I love leopard print and the mix of that with the patent just makes them a little more unusual.

What are you wishing for this week? More hours in the day, like me?

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  1. Great shoes as always! I always wish for more hours or for a shorter to do list or maybe no work xxx