Monday, 9 September 2013

off to see the wizard..

skirt, cardigan, top: h+m
shoes: Irregular Choice 'Oz'
A pretty simple outfit post. I wanted nothing more than to try out a new pair of shoes. I love how comfortable these Oz heels are (I guess I knew they would be as I have plenty of the same design in different colours) and how easy they are to wear with just about anything.

Rather liked rediscovering this skirt, as well, with it's cheerful stamp print design. It's just my general shape I'm not so happy with, when I look at these photos. But I can continue to work on that.


  1. You regularly make me wish I was braver with footwear. Sunglasses I do all sorts of styles & patterns but I am abundantly more restrained with shoes . . . hmm maybe I should be a bit more bold.

    You look lovely as always & ca I just say - very jealous of the plethora of books I can see dotted about in the background! Have a good start to your week. x

  2. These shoes are LOVELY!

    Maria xxx

  3. those shoes are stunning! i love the skirt too xx