Wednesday, 11 September 2013

the sound and the fury, the cloak and the dagger..

shoes : primark
skirt: get cutie // glasses: london retro
vest : tu clothing // cardigan : new look
This is one of the outfits I wore last week, before doing something to my camera which meant it was out of action for a few days. Seems to be sorted again, now, but I could do with camera recommendations if anyone has any. I guess it's time to move on to a DSLR?

I dug this skirt out of the back of the wardrobe - I'd totally forgotten about so many of my skirts, until I emptied some of the wardrobe when Lisa came to visit so I could alter a dress for her. I'd been looking for something with a puffball hemline to try and use as an example, an added bonus being that I remembered the existence of my little collection of Get Cutie skirts.

This ladybird print one was the first thing I ever bought with my college student discount card, when I'd just started sixth form. It was still one of the most expensive things I'd ever bought (boy, how things have changed!) and I used to wear it at least once a week!

Here, I decided to team it with a red cardigan and some red striped shoes to pick out the colours of the ladybirds, but had to accept that it really doesn't fit me anymore. Strategic safety-pinning happened before these photos could be taken!

Actually, I listed it for sale on the blog sale and it sold within 10 minutes, but if you like Get Cutie I have found another one today which I've now listed on the blog sale page. Still gradually working my way through the things which no longer fit me properly. (Mostly so I can make room for new things).

Tonight, I'll mostly be beginning my giant bake-athon for next week's Queen's Guide Presentation tea party. 


  1. I wish I suited red like you do! x

  2. You look lovely in red Char!

  3. that skirt is adorable, such a fun print x

  4. That skirt is lovely and love the red cardigan, they look perfect together! Those shoes are so cute too. I've been eyeing up the Irregular Choice Hook Line and Sink Her heels lately, are they comfy? Saw in a previous post that you got them :) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook